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Metal drill bit HSS-G TiN 11 mm - Per Piece

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Why choose for Metal drill bit HSS-G TiN 11 mm - Per Piece?

  • Very strong
  • Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating
  • Heat-resistant up to 600°C

Product attributes

Article number
Fully sharpened
Provided with a TiN-coating
Heat-resistant up to 600°C
High strength steel
Price unit
Per piece
11.0 mm
142 mm
Golden yellow
Commonly used for
Drilling in metal
Commonly used for
Mounting of M10 carriage bolts

Metal drill bit HSS-G TiN 11 mm - Per Piece

The Wovar metal drill high-strength steel (HSS) with a TiN coating is fully ground, allowing it to drill through the material faster. This metal drill has a diameter of 11mm and is 142mm long.

What can I use the metal drill for?

This metal twist drill from Wovar is suitable for drilling holes in steel, cast steel alloyed and unalloyed (up to 1100 N/mm2 strength), grey, malleable iron, ductile and die-cast iron, sintered iron, nickel silver, graphite, short-cut aluminum alloys, brass and bronze. Do you want to drill in hardwood or softwood? Then use our hardwood drill. The difference between a metal drill and a hardwood drill is that the hardwood drill is slightly sharper, so that it slides through the wood faster.

What is the advantage of the TiN coating?

The titanium-nitride coating (TiN coating) makes this metal twist drill very strong. This is because the surface hardness is increased to 2300 HV. In addition, it increases the heat resistance of the drill up to 600°C. Metal drill bits can get very hot. This will cause them to warp or break. The TiN coating on Wovar's metal drills significantly reduces this risk.

Tips for drilling in metal

Before you start drilling, it is recommended that you punch a small point in the metal so that the drill remains steady. When drilling large holes in the above materials, it is recommended to pre-drill with a 4mm metal drill.

Order metal drills

Do not forget to take advantage of our volume discount and order 10 metal drills. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from additional benefits such as discounts with a business account.

Is this metal drill not quite what you are looking for? View our entire range of metal drills here. In addition to individual metal drills, Wovar also supplies hardwood drills and complete metal drill sets.

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