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EPDM Adhesives

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EPDM Adhesives

Are you looking for a high-quality EPDM adhesive? At Wovar you can order durable EPDM glue that is resistant to UV radiation, all weather conditions, and of course, water. You can use the EPDM adhesive on any type of EPDM sheeting. Always ensure a dry and dirt-free surface for the best results. The glue adheres well and is permanently elastic, so that the glue does not come loose with light movements. 

You can easily apply the EPDM adhesive in a 290 ml cartridge with a caulking gun. This way you can easily and gradually apply the glue to, for example, your roof. Usually, the caulking gun is slightly tilted during application. You can cut the application spout at an angle to make the application of the glue even easier. 

Are you looking for a different type of glue? In addition to EPDM glue, you can also contact Wovar for stone glue and wood glue. You can also contact us for sealant and polyurethane foam. For example, take a look at our high tack kit. This allows you to create an extremely strong connection between different materials within a few seconds.