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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Door and Window Hardware

Door handles and knobs

Are you looking for a door handle for your garden door, interior door, or front door? Wovar offers door handles on rosettes and door knobs in many shapes and sizes. This way, we always supply a door handle or knob that suits you best. Check out our black door hardware, which is particularly popular at the moment. Or have a look at our door knobs, which are available in aluminium, beechwood, stainless steel, in addition to black. If you prefer a handle to a knob, we offer a range of door handles in black and aluminium.

Door stops

Are you looking for sturdy door stops or door buffers to prevent damage to your interior or exterior doors? Wovar offers a broad range of door stops for indoor and outdoor use. Think of rubber door stops in different sizes and colours. Our doorstops in black are very popular. In addition to rubber door buffers, we also offer luxury door stops made of stainless steel. These are available in different models, both for fixed mounting and freestanding models that hold doors with their weight.

Window fittings

Are you looking for high-quality window fittings? Wovar offers window fittings in all shapes and sizes. You will find window handles with and without locks, window stays, and window handles for tilt and turn windows, among others. Our products are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Next to all the design options, function and safety are also important. All our window fittings have been extensively tested to ensure the best quality for you. Choose from push button window handles, locking handles with SKG quality mark, and more.

Cabinet hardware

Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen cabinets? Wovar offers a wide range of cabinet hardware, including kitchen cupboard handles and cabinet hinges. Change the appearance of your kitchen by simply replacing the handles on your kitchen cabinets, or make opening and closing your cupboard doors a breeze with our cabinet hinges. A kitchen should be completely level, and our adjustable kitchen cabinet legs are the perfect tool to help you achieve that.  

Sliding door systems

Sliding door systems are very popular and convenient. You simply have more free space in your home because there is no longer any need to open a door into a room. You can find beautiful industrial sliding rail systems where the door hangs loosely on a rail, creating a beautiful barn door.

Furniture fixings

We have an extensive range of furniture fixings, among which: table legs, cupboard handles, drawer knobs, leather handles, and furniture legs. Whether you are working on restoring your furniture or are ready for a completely new style, a few small changes to your furniture can make a big difference. For example, shell handles will give your drawers and cupboards a vintage look, and hair pin table legs turn your old table into a modern piece of furniture.

Draught excluders

Do you have a problem with draught in your house? With the extensive range of draught exclusion products at Wovar you can easily solve this problem. Among our insulation products, you will find high-quality draught excluders - both strips and self-adhesive bands - and threshold seals made specifically for doors and windows, and even for your mailbox. Other insulation products we offer include expanding foam tape and radiator foil.

Router jigs

Are you looking for a router jig for your door hardware? Wovar offers a range of jigs for mortice locks, hinges, and strike plates. We always recommend getting router jigs when you plan on installing your new door hardware. With our helpful jigs, your hinges, locks, and strike plates can be mounted in no time. Moreover, in addition to saving time, the jigs also produce a beautiful, clean result. To top it all off, our router jigs are universal, and can be used for virtually all frames.