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Damaged Screws Removal set

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  • Wovar
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Why choose for Damaged Screws Removal set?

  • For all types of screws

Do you want to remove damaged screws? With these screw remover set from Wovar, you can easily remove damaged screws from the wood. It does not matter what impression the screw has that you want to remove. When it comes to torx screws, pozidrive screws or phillips screws. The screw removal set from Wovar removes every screw with a thickness of 2.5 to 8.0 mm from the wood.

This damaged screw remover set makes it possible that you can always remove your screws from wooden planks. This ensures a more environmentally friendly way of building in your garden. Fence boards become reusable, for example!

Loosening a damaged screw is a breeze with this removal set.

How does the removal kit for damaged screws work?

Below is a step-by-step plan with which you can remove a damaged screw from the wood:

Step 1. Place the screw remover in your drill with the cutter side out.

Step 2. Make sure your drill is rotating counterclockwise.

Step 3. Place the cutter in the center of the screw head. Mill slowly until the screw head is completely smooth.

Step 4. Turn the screw remover over so that the threaded side of the screw remover is on the outside, your drill should still rotate counterclockwise.

Step 5. Place the remover on the head of the screw, apply power to your drill and run your drill at slow speed.

Step 6. The remover turns into the screw, and it will slowly unscrew.

Damaged Screws Removal Set, quick delivery

Order the screw removal set at Wovar for the lowest price. Companies in the DIY, construction and landscaping sector benefit from additional benefits such as discounts with a business account.

Does the screw still have a good head? Then view all our bits to remove your screw.

To prevent is better than to cure

Extra tip, if you have a screw where the head is slightly damaged during installation, replace it immediately. This way you can always disassemble the screw in the future. Also make sure that you do not work with the same bit for too long, replace the bits in time! Don't skimp on bits. Finally, pay some attention to the settings of your drill. This can ease a lot of suffering. Most drills are set too quickly, which puts too much force on the screw head. Finally, never screw with a drill setting.


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Product attributes

Article number
For screws 2.5 to 8.0 mm in thickness
Hardened steel
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Per Set
Commonly used for
Remove damaged screw heads from, among other things, fence boards and decking boards
Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
The premium brand for screws and bolts
No less than 100 days right of return

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