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Spade drill set - 13 Piece

€ 19,95
€ 16,49 excl. VAT
83 Cassettes in stock
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Why choose for Spade drill set - 13 Piece?

  • Speed drill set also available separately

Product attributes

Article number
Long lifespan
Specially hardened
Equipped with 3 cutting surfaces
Hardened steel
Drive head
Quicklock attachment
6.0 t/m 25.0 mm
Speed drills are 152 mm in length

Spade drill set - 13 Piece

This beautiful spade drill set consists of 13 strong spade drills. The sizes vary from 6 to 25 mm. Each spade drill has 3 cutting edges. This ensures that the drills drill through the wood at lightning spade. The wood drills are extra hardened by means of a special heat treatment. This greatly extends the lifespan.

This drill set contains the following drills:

- spade ​​drill 6.0 mm         - spade ​​drill 17.0 mm
- spade ​​drill 8.0 mm         - spade ​​drill 18.0 mm
- spade ​​drill 10.0 mm       - spade ​​drill 19.0 mm
- spade ​​drill 12.0 mm       - spade ​​drill 20.0 mm
- spade ​​drill 13.0 mm       - spade ​​drill 22.0 mm
- spade ​​drill 14.0 mm       - spade ​​drill 25.0 mm
- spade ​​drill 16.0 mm

This 13-piece spade drill set is packed in a wooden box with a solid closure. The box has been nicely painted, which gives it a nice look. In addition to the spade drills, the box also has handy drill holders. This keeps the drills firmly in the box.

Advantages of the Wovar spade drill set

Did you know that the spade drills from Wovar have a quicklock connection in addition to 3 razor-sharp cutting edges? With this you can quickly change the spade drill with your power tools. All spade drills have a length of 152 mm.

In addition to this handy spade drill set, all spade drills are also available separately from Wovar. View all our spade drills separately. This way you can easily replenish this beautiful set if necessary.

Order spade drill set

Order this beautiful spade drill set for the lowest price at Wovar. Order the spade drill set at Wovar for the lowest price! Gardeners, construction and DIY companies receive additional benefits with a business account such as discounts.

Is this drill set not quite what you are looking for? View our full range of drill sets and cassettes here.

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