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Vapour Permeable Breathable Membranes for Closed Roof and Facade

Are you looking for vapour-permeable membrane rolls for closed roofs and facades? The vapour-permeable spunbonded membrane for closed roofs and facades are supplied per full rolls of 1.5 x 25 meters and 1.5 x 50 meters. You choose from two different variants. Namely the standard version and the self-adhesive version. These are also called the Wovar VPM 120 or the Wovar VPM 120 PLUS. The PLUS version is provided with 2 adhesive strips. This is the self-adhesive vapour-permeable membrane for closed roof and facade. This is used to make the overlaps stick together. Do not forget to order the matching glue for this membrane. If you want to attach the membrane with nails or staples, we prefer stainless steel nails or staples. You should therefore also order our tape for plastic sheeting. This ensures that the fixing of the membrane is sealed.

When to choose Wovar VPM 120 or VPM 120 PLUS for Closed Roof and Facade

The beige vapour-permeable membrane can only be used for closed facades and roofs from 25 degrees and higher. For roofs with a roof pitch below 25 degrees, there is no guarantee that every roof tile is watertight. That is why we apply this rule. Vapor opening means that the moisture or condensation that arises due to temperature changes in the rear construction can escape, but the water from the outside does not get a chance to enter. This is why this vapour-permeable membrane is also called a vapor barrier for closed facades.

Vapor permeable membranes for closed roofs and facades from Wovar are also called Wovar VPM 120 or Wovar VPM 120 PLUS. The PLUS version is provided with two self-adhesive strips.

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Installing the vapour-permeable membrane for a closed roof and facade is quite simple. Because we understand that this is not an obvious task when you do this for the first time, we explain below how you can best apply this vapour-permeable membrane. We recommend that you always opt for the high-quality tape and glue from Wovar itself.

Installing Vapour Permeable Membrane for Closed Roof and Wall

Install the membrane from left to right. Always start at the bottom. Secure the membrane with stainless steel staples 10 or 20 mm. Don't shoot every 25 cm. This prevents wind from getting under the membrane. Experience tells us that if you only use glue, the membrane can come loose after 5 years. This causes the membrane to flap and you will suffer from annoying noises. For the overlap, use membrane glue from a tube. Always work seams and staples with our special membrane tape! Before nailing or screwing slats, it is important to apply batten tape between the slats and the membrane. The batten strap is provided with special foam that seals the holes of the screw or nail. This prevents the membrane from leaking onto the relevant mounting holes. Always allow for a 10 - 15 cm overlap. Use a handy snap-off knife to cut the membrane to size.

Because the glue comes in handy tubes, applying the glue with a caulking gun is super convenient. In addition to the normal membrane for closed roofs and facades, Wovar also supplies self-adhesive membranes for closed roofs and facades. This does not mean that the membrane is completely self-adhesive. A self-adhesive strip is only applied to the edges of the membrane. You do not need to use glue with this membrane. Remember to cover up the staples and seams with membrane tape.

What do I Need to Install Vapour Permeable Membranes for Closed Roof and Facade?

What you need partly depends on the membrane you order. With self-adhesive membranes it is not necessary to order membrane glue. If you do opt for vapour-permeable membranes without self-adhesive tape, however, we recommend that you do so. In addition, you attach the membrane using stainless steel staples. Which staples these are exactly depends on the device you are using. Always use stainless steel staples. Most commonly used are those of 10 or 20 mm. Finish the staples with our membrane tape. Also work away the seams that arise at the overlap of the membrane. When applying slats to the membrane, it is important that you seal the screw holes that go through the membrane to secure the slats. You do this by applying batten tape between the slats and the membrane. Nail tape provides a water-resistant and airtight seal when attaching battens or ridges to plastic membranes.

Ordering Vapour Permeable Membranes for Closed Roof and Facade

Order Wovar vapour-permeable membrane for closed roof and facade. Roof and wall membrane is delivered from our own stock almost always, direct to your home in 2-5 business days. Construction companies, gardeners, and Handyman companies benefit from an extra discount with a business account.

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