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PU Foam

Looking for polyurethane foam? PU foam is always handy. For example, you can seal door frames and frames and easily seal cracks and seams. Wovar's polyurethane foam adheres well and is available in 700 ml cans. In addition to 'normal' PU foam, you can also order PU foam flexibly from us. This PU can absorb movements without damaging the foam. The foam quickly closes air leaks and is, therefore, air and vapor-tight. 

A 700 ml canister can expand up to 45 liters of polyurethane foam. To apply the PU foam in the right way, we recommend using a PU foam gun, which you can order directly from us. Also, make sure that you cover the materials around the place where you want to apply PU foam. If PU foam does end up in places where it is not intended, you can use the PU foam remover. That's a remover, degreaser, and cleaner in 1! 

Also, looking for sealants? You can also contact Wovar for this! For example, view our high tack kit or take a look at our full range of sealants.

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With PU foam you can easily close gaps. You can also easily make the frames of doors and frames airtight and vapor-tight. The cans with polyurethane foam from Wovar are 700 ml and are also available in a flexible version. This type absorbs movements or blows without damaging the polyurethane foam. You can also contact us for a polyurethane foam remover. This way, you can easily remove PU foam if you have spilled it or if you want to remove spots. Do not forget to order a PU foam gun to apply the PU foam easily and gradually. 

Buying Polyurethane Foam

Buy your cans with polyurethane foam now very cheaply at Wovar! Do not forget to order a can of PU foam remover and a PU foam gun immediately. This way you have all the necessities at home in one go. Do you have your own company in the construction, Handyman, or garden industry? Then take advantage of additional benefits, including a business discount, with a business account!

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