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Building Supplies

Looking for a trustworthy company to provide building supplies? Then Wovar is the place to be. We offer high-quality solutions for damp proofing and open facade cladding. You can close any remaining gaps around windows or doors with our expanding foam tape. Added to that, we can supply the fasteners you will need for your building project.

Damp proofing and house wraps

If you are constructing a building with open facade cladding, take a look at our UV-resistant house wraps. These house wraps are a waterproof but vapour permeable membrane, and are a great solution for protecting the structure behind the open facade cladding. We offer house wraps on rolls of 1.5 m wide and 25 or 50 m long. There are two variants: regular house wraps and self-adhesive house wraps. Our house wraps stand out because they are KOMO certified, which means it is a top-quality product.

For closed roofs and facades, we offer breather membranes. You can use these membranes for walls and roofs with a minimum angle of 25 degrees. The membranes are sold on rolls of 1.5 m wide and 25 or 50 m long. Just like the house wraps, the breather membranes are KOMO certified and available in a regular and self-adhesive variant.

A building project is not finished in one day. That is why we offer plastic sheeting, so you can protect an unfinished project from water and dust. Leave the building site assured that you will be able to continue where you left off the next day. Our plastic sheeting is available in various widths on rolls with a length of 50 m.  


When you are constructing a building, you want everything to be right, down to the last detail. A perfect air and watertight seal is part of this. It not only improves the appearance, but also increases the air and waterproofness of the building, preventing heat loss. Since heat loss is one of the biggest causes of high energy consumption, this also lowers your energy bill.

Wovar offers tape for roof and facade membranes. This tape protects the membrane from the acids and chemicals that are naturally present in wood, and seals holes created by, for instance, staples, screws, or nails. Added to that, we have a range of expanding foam tape to close any gaps around door and window frames. Expanding foam tape is available in various widths and thicknesses, and expands up to a maximum of 5 times its original width.

Expanding foam tape is used with masonry work, door and window frames, roofs, glazing, and more. With so many applications, expanding foam tape is a good staple in your tool kit. Our foam tape can withstand changes in the weather and create a watertight seal. Compared to PU foam, the tape is cleaner and seals better.

Buy building supplies

Order building supplies today at Wovar. Business clients enjoy many advantages with a free business account. We also offer any fastener you might need, as well as a wide range of anchors and brackets. Find everything from joist hangers to coach screws, and from ground screws to wall plugs.