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Corrugated Sheet Screws

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Corrugated Sheet Screws

The self-drilling metal roofing screws from Wovar with high-quality EPDM sealing rings are made of Stainless Steel A2 grade. This prevents the roof screws from rusting away. These waterproof corrugated sheet screws with cover head have a handy Torx 20 drive. This ensures that you can quickly and easily mount Wovar metal roofing screws. It is important that you mount the corrugated sheet screws with cap using our high-quality Wovar TX20 bits. This will prevent damage to the screw head. If the roofing screws are damaged, there is a good chance that they may rust. By using Wovar Torx 20 bits, you minimise this chance.

In addition to our Stainless Steel A2 corrugated sheet screws with EPDM ring, Wovar also supplies galvanised corrugated sheet screws with a black plastic cap.

In addition to these corrugated sheet screws, we also supply high-quality roof tile screws, roofing nails, and sheet pile screws, and now, even roof trims!

Wovar's corrugated sheet screws are only suitable for mounting roof tile sheets or corrugated sheets on wooden substructures. If you still need to build the wooden substructure, we recommend using our carriage bolts, coach screws, or construction lag screws.

It is necessary to pre-drill in your roof tile sheets or corrugated sheets. Do you use metal roof tile sheets or corrugated sheets? Then, when using our metal roofing screws 4.5mm thick, pre-drill with a 5.5mm or 6mm thick metal drill bit. We recommend our 5.5 mm thick Wovar hardwood drill bit for plastic corrugated sheets. When using our metal roofing screws, pre-drill 7 mm thick with a 9 mm thick metal drill bit in metal corrugated sheets. Our 8 mm thick hardwood drill bit is sufficient for corrugated plastic sheets.

Leakages, a Thing of the Past with Wovar's Corrugated Sheet Screws

The high-quality EPDM sealing ring ensures that the mounting holes are well protected against leakage. The self-drilling metal roofing screws from Wovar are easy to mount thanks to the Torx 20 drive. Unlike our galvanised roof tile screws, our metal roofing screws are made of stainless steel A2 steel. This ensures that the metal roofing screws do not rust and have an extremely long service life. Do you want extra protection for the screw head? Then choose our metal roofing screw with cap. When installing corrugated iron, a bit of predrilling is a must, so the plastic has room to work.

What Length of Metal Roofing Screws Should I Choose?

The length of the metal roofing screws depends on the height of the corrugation. It is important that the metal roofing screws have sufficient adhesion in the wooden sub-construction. 2 or 3 cm is sufficient. Do you install corrugated sheets with a wave height of 3 cm? Then choose our metal roofing screws stainless steel 4.5 x 50 mm. If in doubt about roof construction screws, you can always call or email one of our Wovar screw specialists.

How Many Metal Roofing Screws to Use?

It is important that you are not too economical when mounting your corrugated sheets. At the top and bottom of the corrugated sheet, mount a metal roofing screw at every corrugation height. In between, 1 metal roofing screw per 3 wave heights is sufficient.

Ordering Screws for Corrugated Sheets and MDF Boards

Order the high-quality corrugated sheet screws from Wovar for the lowest price. The Wovar metal roofing screws can be ordered per piece. Green and construction companies, such as Handyman companies, construction companies, and gardeners, receive more benefits at Wovar, such as extra discounts with a business account.