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Leather Handles

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Leather Handles

Turn your furniture into real eye-catchers with the leather handles from Wovar. The high-quality leather handles are made from 100% bovine leather from Europe and last for a long time.

You can attach the leather handles in two different ways: as a regular, horizontal or vertical handle with two points of attachment and as a loop with one point of attachment.

Plenty of choice

Next to the unique appearance of these leather handles, you are also guaranteed a high quality. The handles are made from 100% European bovine leather and the tanning process uses a mostly plant-based method, meaning the leather lasts for a longer period of time.

The dimensions of the leather handles are 180 x 30 x 2.5 mm (length x width x thickness). You can choose from several colours, including black, cognac, and grey.

Black leather handles

Our most popular leather handles are the black and cognac handles. These colours are the perfect fit for modern, industrial interiors. Black is a colour that we often find in these industrial décors and the black leather handles also fit perfectly with the black door hardware that is becoming increasingly popular for interior doors. These matching colours create unity in a room. The same can be said for the use of wood in industrial interiors combined with the cognac handles.

Installing leather handles

For connecting the leather handles to a drawer or cupboard door, we recommend using M6 carriage bolts. The carriage bolts' appearance is the best match for the leather handles. As an alternative to carriage bolt, you could also use lag screws.

Unless the door or drawer already contains holes for a handle or knob, you will have to drill them yourself. Whether you need to drill one or two holes depends on how you want to attach the leather strip. For a horizontal or vertical grip, you will need two holes. For a loop, you only need one hole. Use a 6 mm hardwood drill bit to create the holes.

Fixing the leather handles to a drawer or door is an easy jobs. We made a short guide for you to follow:

Step 1: Determine where and how you want to position the leather handle.
Step 2: Mark where the screw(s) will need to go.
Step 3: Drill the hole(s).
Step 4: Fix the leather handle to the surface with the screw(s).

Ordering leather handles

Order your new leather handles at Wovar for an attractive price. Are you looking for a different kind of handle? Check out our cupboard handles and drawer knobs. Are you restoring or building a piece of furniture? Take some time to browse our wide range of furniture fixings.

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