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Are you going to start a new project? Then of course you also need the right tools. Wovar has a wide range of tools, hand tools, and other DIY accessories. This varies from drills and bits to tarpaulins. In addition to basic tools, Wovar also offers very specific tools. 

Drills and bits

Drills for wood, stone, metal, concrete, and more. Choose from 3.5 mm hardwood drill bits for use with deck screws or the 6 mm hardwood drill bits for our wafer head screws. Wovar's spade drills are also extremely popular. Our hammer drill bit SDS+ premium is most often chosen for drilling in concrete. These have a significantly longer life than our classic masonry drill bits.

Wovar has auger drill bits for, for instance, pre-drilling long coach bolts. These are suitable for almost every type of wood. This way you can drill in Azobé, oak, and pinewood without any problems. In addition to drill bits, Wovar also has a wide range of screwdriver bits and bit sets. There is a bit for all different types of screws.

Hand tools

Are you looking for matching hand tools in addition to fasteners? Wovar offers hand tools for professional and do-it-yourself use. We understand that every carpenter needs the correct tools in addition to the right hardware. At Wovar you will find cheap hand tools suitable for many jobs. You can easily order small tools, such as sanding blocks, hammers, and spirit levels, to get your job done.

Power tool accessories

A circular saw without a blade will not get the job done. Fortunately, we've got you covered with our power tool accessories. Cutting wood or metal, using a circular saw or angle grinder, Wovar offers the blade that you need. Our wide range of diamond saw blades is also something to behold and offers a blade for both the beginner and the professional.

Construction plastic sheeting

With Wovar transparent construction plastic sheeting rolls T100 and T200 you can easily protect materials that you leave lying on the construction site. Additionally, clear plastic sheets are also widely used for shielding open spaces. For example, in a wall where the window has not yet been placed. You can also use this plastic sheeting for open insulation and woodwork that requires protection against rain, condensation, dust, or dirt. 


Wovar has a wide range of waterproof tarpaulins in different colours and sizes. Tarpaulins are ideal for covering your building materials and other items. You can also use the fabric as a groundsheet or make a temporary shelter. There are a great number of applications. All our tarpaulins are fitted with handy aluminium eyes.