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T-Hinge Heavy Black Galvanized 500 mm

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Why choose for T-Hinge Heavy Black Galvanized 500 mm?

  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Extra protected by a black top layer

Product attributes

Article number
Feature 1
Heavy version
Feature 2
Black powder coated
Galvanized steel
500 x 40 x 4 mm
Price unit
Per piece
4 mm
500 mm

T-Hinge Heavy Black Galvanized 500 mm

This beautiful black T-hinge is easy to mount thanks to the mounting holes. The black topcoat offers extra protection against corrosion. This is due to the high-quality surface treatment. The black top layer gives the black T-hinges from Wovar a beautiful shiny effect. This black T-hinge is 500 mm long, 40 mm wide and 4 mm thick. The black color provides a beautiful rural look. The difference with the black T-hinge light version is in the thickness of the T-hinge. This heavy T-hinge is 4 mm thick instead of 2 mm. This makes this black T-hinge much stronger.

How do I mount these black T-hinges?

The black T-hinges light version can be mounted with our black galvanized chipboard screws 4x40mm. These black chipboard screws can be ordered per 100 pieces from Wovar and fit perfectly with our Black T-hinges. For an extra sturdy mounting of the T-hinges, a combination of screws and carriage bolts is often chosen. There are 2 square mounting holes in each T-hinge. Black M8 carriage bolts can be mounted here. The black carriage bolts have a square part under the semicircular head. By tapping the semicircular head with a rubber hammer, the square part clamps into the wood. The combination of carriage bolts and screws ensures a solid attachment of your black T-hinges.

To mount the carriage bolts it is necessary to pre-drill with our hardwood drill 9 mm. By drilling a hole that is not slightly wider than the carriage bolt, you greatly simplify installation. Depending on the door thickness, you determine the length of the screws and bolts. Carriage bolts should protrude approximately 15mm around the washer and must be able to be attached. Our carriage bolts black M8x60mm are most commonly used for this. When using the black chipboard screws, it is important that they are shorter than the door thickness so that they do not protrude. Oftentimes, this does not happen with our 4x40 black galvanized chipboard screws.

To order

Order the heavy version of the black galvanized T-hinges 500mm each at Wovar. Your supplier in T-hinges. Green and construction companies, such as DIY companies, construction companies and gardeners, receive extra benefits at Wovar, such as discounts with a business account.

Is this T-hinge not quite what you are looking for? View our entire range of T-hinges here. Would you rather hang your hook on your garden door? Then view our full range of hinges and hooks.

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