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World-record Reopening after our Fire!

At the screw and hardware company from Groningen, Wovar, a fierce fire raged on June 11th, 2022. Now, a week after the fire, the company is reopening in a new rental property just down the road!

A Black Day

The 27-year-old director of Wovar, Jesse Keizer, says, "I was completely broken at first. How could this happen I kept thinking? Precisely at our largest location and still in the middle of the high season. Fortunately, there were no casualties and two smaller buildings of ours remained intact. Later I read that even a hot air balloon had to make an emergency landing due to the fire. Fortunately, that ended well.”

The Day After

Jesse explains: "On Sunday we already sat down with the insurance company. I had already gathered a lot of help around me. My partners Vince Haak and Justin Meppelink were immediately at hand Saturday night. If we could get a new building quickly, we could continue with what we had, which was thought to be about a third of the inventory. That spirit appealed to the insurers. We immediately had contact with brokers and a handful of options for properties came along via social media. We wanted to move quickly; not wanting to lose any customers was our goal."


Keizer continues: "On Monday morning, during my speech to the entire staff, I received a call from the broker that we could immediately rent a property 300 meters from our old location. Everyone immediately started cheering. I got the key. From that moment on, we continued our morning and evening shifts, which had already been scheduled. Together with office staff, we erected racks, devised aisles, purchased packing materials, and ordered all other supplies. In addition, trucks and cars drove off and on to bring things to the new location. We all went on from sunrise to sunset. Great team spirit and collaboration. That's how we managed to build 300 racks and more than 1000 products, as of today, have been made available.”

Open Again!

He says about the reopening: "If there was a world record for reopening after a fire, we should get our hands on it, the insurer said. When we started the webshop again, an order came in within half an hour. A great feeling, even though we do not have a showroom anymore. In addition to home delivery, we will soon offer pick-up again. We will also continue to add missing products. Many items can be delivered quickly, other items we import ourselves, and unfortunately, it takes about six months before we can get them in. In any case, this is a great example of teamwork from all our staff and people around us."

Help from all Corners

Finally, Jesse explains: "It is really impressive to see how much help we received from companies and other entrepreneurs from Groningen. From free cake from the bakery to forklifts from the neighbors. We even received a logo for the new building as a gift. This output of support has given us a lot of energy to continue. It was a bizarre week that I will never forget And before I forget, we are still looking for the people who had to make an emergency landing with the hot air balloon, we want to offer them a new ride. That's the least we can do."

Wovar was founded in 2017 and supplies all kinds of screws, bolts, and other hardware and DIY materials in more than 8 different countries throughout Europe





World-record Reopening after our Fire!