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Wovar Wing Nuts

Looking for a nut that you can tighten by hand? You can easily tighten wing nuts yourself. Wovar wing nuts are made of galvanized steel and available in stainless steel. Frequently used sizes are M6 / M8 / M10 / M12. You can easily order these from us. Wing nuts are ideal for projects where you need easy disassembly of the nut. Take our wing nuts M8 for example. You can easily turn this on our threaded rods, carriage bolts or M8 tap bolts.

Wing nuts not quite what you are looking for? Take a look at our lock nuts, hex nuts or cap nuts.

You can install these high-quality wing nuts very quickly and easily. The wings make them easy to tighten by hand. For extra security, we always recommend securing the last piece extra firmly with pliers. Wing nuts made of galvanized steel are extremely strong. However, these can oxidize. Wing nuts stainless steel do not do this.

Order wing nuts from Wovar for the lowest price. Wing nuts can be ordered per 10 pieces. When ordering a full box, you benefit from our high volume discount. Companies in the construction, DIY and landscaping industry receive extra benefits such as a discount with a business account.