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Drive head

White Garden Screws

White is a beautiful and neutral color; also for your garden, or around your home. Any project with white building materials such as white planks should also include some white screws. With the white screws from Wovar, you can get the job done in style. Screws with a white head complete the look, as this white screw head is almost invisible on white materials. These white garden screws are made of Stainless Steel 410 grade steel. This means that the screws are corrosion-resistant. The white screws will last a long time and are not sensitive to rust, salt, or chlorine. Wovar garden screws in white come in various thicknesses and lengths.

In addition to these white garden screws, Wovar has a wide range of garden screws, in various models. For example, check out our galvanized garden screws, cladding screws, construction lag screws, and stainless steel garden screws for outdoor use. Prefer no screws, but bolts instead? Wovar also has various types and sizes of top-quality carriage bolts and threaded bolts.

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White screws from Wovar have an extra sharp type 17 auger cutting point, which allows you to easily insert the screws into the wood surface. The sharp point also easily pushes the screw through the wood, driven by the fine threads of these cladding screws. The installation of white screws in hardwood is best done by pre-drilling. Take a look at our hardwood drills for a suitable drill. These white screws are also known as cladding screws and are equipped with a Torx drive. This gives you more grip on the screw head and allows you to mount screws faster and better. With the right bits, you prevent a damaged screw head, so that your screws do not show any rust or less quickly. This makes the screws last longer and you can enjoy your construction longer.

White Screws

The head of these white screws has been specially treated with a powder coating. This coating is of high quality and is therefore extremely wear-resistant. The screw head is hardened with a special heat treatment, in which the screws are first heated and then quickly cooled.

The white screws have shaft ribs under the screw head. These ribs take the tension off the screw, so the forces are evenly distributed over the screw. In this way, the screw retains its strength on the wood surface as well as possible. This also gives the screw less resistance when screwing in. This not only saves you effort, but also your battery charge lasts longer. This way you can screw more white screws per battery charge with your cordless screwdriver. Also, you can find many other ideas for your garden in our Garden Center.

Buying your White Stainless Steel Garden Screws

Are you ready to buy some of our garden screws? Order our 4mm screws or 5 mm screws for a discount, when you buy a pack of 200 pieces. If you need multiple boxes, you should take advantage of our volume discounts. Companies in the construction, Handyman, or landscaping industry benefit from additional benefits such as a discount with our business account.

Are these screws not quite what you are looking for? Then choose another one from our full range of options, like our black garden screws, wood construction screws, or hardwood screws.