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White Floating Wall Shelf 118 x 23.5 x 3.8 cm

€ 26,15
€ 21,61 excl. VAT
Per Set
4 sets in stock
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4 sets
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Why choose for White Floating Wall Shelf 118 x 23.5 x 3.8 cm?

  • Including mounting bracket
  • Blind mounting on the wall
  • Bright white color, so fits in any interior

Product attributes

Article number
Blind mounting of shelf to wall
Maximum load of 30 kg
118 x 23.5 x 3.8 cm
Price unit
Per Set
3.8 mm
118 cm
High gloss white
Commonly used for
Invisibly mounting a shelf on wall
Commonly used for
TV stand
Commonly used for
Storage Space
Commonly used for
Home decoration

White Floating Wall Shelf 118 x 23.5 x 3.8 cm

Are you looking for a floating wall shelf for your home? Then you are always in the right place with this white floating shelf! This shelf is made to high-quality standards. Because we deliver from our own large stocks, you enjoy competitive prices on this white floating wall shelf. The shelf is 118 cm long, 23.5 cm deep and 3.8 cm high. The white wall shelf comes with a mounting bracket so that you can attach it invisibly to the wall. Would you rather make your own floating shelf? Then take a look at our floating shelf brackets.

White Floating Wall Shelf

The white floating wall shelf fits into any interior. The neutral white color makes the wall shelf very easy to combine. A wall shelf is a sturdy yet elegant way to furnish your home. The white wall shelf can be used as a TV stand, cupboard, desk, and much more. That makes the wall shelf a popular product. This white floating wall shelf is approximately 120 cm long, so it offers a lot of space. The white floating shelf is intended for a maximum load of 30 kg. However, this also somewhat depends on the fastening: cheap screws are less reliable.

Attaching the White Floating Shelf

Do not be put off by the installation of this floating wall shelf! The white floating shelf is very easy to install. To convince you of this, we will briefly take you through the installation process.

  1. Determine where the wall shelf will be on the wall. Preferably choose a stone wall. This offers extra strength.
  2. Take the mounting bracket, together with a spirit level. This way you can mark exactly where the screw holes will be.
  3. Drill the thickness of a nylon plug at the marked spots. For a 6 x 30 plug, this is a 6 mm thick hole. Then immediately install the plug into this hole.
  4. Take the mounting bracket and screw the screws into the plug.
  5. Now you can slide the wall shelf onto the bracket. Finally, tighten it.
  6. Enjoy your own floating wall shelf!

Ordering your White Floating Shelf

Are you also interested in this versatile floating shelf in white? Order these from Wovar to be sure of high quality at a competitive price. Do you want to order several planks at once? Then take a look at our volume discount. This way you benefit from a pleasant discount on the unit price. For our business customers, we have a business account. With this, construction, Handyman, and Landscaping companies qualify for additional benefits, like a fixed business discount on our wide range of building materials.

Not quite what you were looking for? Do not panic. We have plenty of alternatives for these wall shelves. We also have various shelf brackets, which you can also use to attach shelves to the wall.

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