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Sliding Cabinet Door Systems

Our popular sliding door system for making cabinet doors from Wovar is very easy to install yourself. This allows you to completely customize your sliding wardrobe doors in no time at all. By using several sliding doors in such a system, you ensure a tidy attic, bedroom, or utility room. Even a sloping wall is no longer an obstacle for a beautiful sliding wall cabinet. These are also called knee bulkheads. You simply attach our bottom and top rails to the floor and ceiling. This makes it possible to give the doors the full height of your room. Another option is to create a frame in which you can work with this sliding door system. In this finished cabinet, you can of course use our handy wall rail systems for making shelves.

Are you still looking for our loft door rail system? Then view the sliding door rail category in which we offer complete sets to make your own loft door in your home. You have also come to the right place for the right tools, we are happy to help you make your project a success! 

You have to come to Wovar for all types of sliding door systems, we deliver quickly from our own large stock throughout Europe.

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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
More affordable than hardware stores
Fast delivery throughout Europe
The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
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You can easily make wardrobe sliding doors yourself with our popular sliding door system for wardrobes. With this handy system, you have the possibility to make a cabinet completely from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall. This way you can create a gigantic closet space for your clothes or enjoy extra storage space in your utility room. By closing this storage space with the sliding doors, you always have a neat, clean, and tidy room. Such sliding door systems are also often used in attic spaces, the sloping wall that is located there is no problem due to our ingenious sloping wall brackets. With this, you can easily fix the top rails to this sloping wall.

Note: are you going to make a wardrobe with these sliding doors? Make sure that there is a 10 cm free space between the doors and the shelves for air circulation.

Make your own Sliding Doors

By purchasing this complete system, you only have to provide the right sheet material to make the doors. Our sliding door cabinet systems are suitable for doors with a maximum thickness of 26 mm and up to 50 kg each, so we offer a system that is many times stronger than is available at hardware stores. The roller system also prevents heavy sliding doors from being hung from the ceiling or your roof beams. We recommend using 18 mm plate material such as MDF or plywood. This type of sheet material is easy to work with, but is still sturdy enough to function as a door over a larger area, such as with a floor-to-ceiling cabinet door. The recommended maximum height of a door is 260 cm, are you going to use several doors next to each other? Then we advise you to opt for an overlap that prevents you from looking through the doors. An overlap of the doors between 2 and 5 cm is recommended. 

For clarity, below is an example to calculate the correct door width when using 2 doors:

- Available space between walls = 200 cm.
- Overlap = 2 cm.
- Total length = 202 cm.

Divide the total length by the number of doors, which gives a door width of 101 cm. If you keep an overlap of 5 cm, the doors will have to be 102.5 cm.

Are you going to make a cabinet with three doors? Then you keep an overlap twice. Then all three doors, with a 2 cm overlap, will be 68 cm wide in total. In all cases, keep in mind that if you use a handle strip (recommended) you will get another 2 cm extra width per door.

Complete Sliding Door System for Cabinets

To put together a complete sliding door package from our range, it is important to know which items are necessary for a successful end result. For your convenience, we have listed all the necessary materials:

- Top rails: this profile is mounted directly on the ceiling and acts as a companion to the doors.
- Bottom rails: your doors will slide back and forth on these rails. The profiles are easy to shorten yourself with a hacksaw, do you need longer lengths? Then place 2 profiles straight behind each other.
- Wheelsets: this ensures that the doors can slide over the rails. We offer complete sets for 2 or 3 doors with which you get everything you need!
- Handle list: are you going to get started with 18 mm thick sliding doors? Then our grip strips are the perfect, subtle handle for you.
- Brush profile for a handlebar: this prevents a view between the doors and prevents damage to the doors behind it.
- Slanted wall bracket: this part is essential if, for example, you want to make a cupboard wall in an attic or bedroom. The slope of the ceiling can be corrected with this, this part is not necessary with a straight ceiling or cabinet frame.

By selecting the above items, you can easily create a sliding door system for your closet yourself. Always keep 10 cm of free space between the doors and the shelves for air circulation. Apart from mounting the profiles on the floor and ceiling, it is also possible to make a cabinet frame with sheet material in which you then place the profiles. Ideally, you work with a right-angled base, if there is not one, you can opt for L-profiles on the sides from our range of aluminum corner profiles.

Fitting Wardrobe Sliding Door Rails

The installation of a sliding door system is very easy to assemble and therefore perfect to carry out yourself. For this rail system, you use the parts that you will find in the diagram above. Beforehand, it is important to properly measure the total size, do this at the bottom and top, but also on the left and right from ceiling to floor. With the wheels from the wheel package, you still have an adjustability of 9 mm, so the tolerance of left and right may not exceed 9 mm. If this is the case, you must first fill it by means of a small cove at the top.

Cut the bottom rails to size and stick them to the floor with double-sided tape or use galvanized chipboard screws. If you are going to screw, drill a hole every 50 cm through the profile and use our countersink drills to ensure a missing head. This is necessary because otherwise, the wheels will run against this screw. When the sliding door bottom rails are in place, continue with the top rails. Ensures that this is also properly straight and in a perpendicular line above the bottom profile. If you have a sloping wall, you can use our unique sloping wall brackets as an aid to compensate for the slope and still be able to mount your top rails straight.

Making Sliding Doors yourself

The total door size is 4 to 5 cm shorter than the height of the total space. So do you have a height of 220 in total excluding the rails just installed? Then you can make doors with a height of 216 cm. At the bottom, you mount the carrying wheels on the door. These ball-bearing wheels have a load capacity of 50 kg per set. You mount the wheels and the top guides as close as possible to the profile handle. This leaves about 2 mm of spelling. Top guides keep your door in the rails and provide a smooth sliding door.

If you use 18 mm thick sheet material, we recommend installing our profile handle strips. These frames click into place around the sheet material and provide a handle on your sliding door. Matching brush profile prevents damage to rear doors, you must also order these brushes separately. When your door is ready for use, first lift the door in the top profile all the way to the ceiling and then place the door with the bottom wheels on the rails. First, lift all rear doors into the rails and finally the front doors.

The so-called stop brackets, which are also included in the wheel package, stop your sliding doors at a certain point. This prevents the doors from sliding against your wall and being damaged. You place the stop brackets in the top rails, after which the top guides will keep this as the endpoint and will not roll any further. Finally, give your new sliding doors a nice color of your choice by painting them and your new sliding doors are ready for use.

Buying Sliding Door Systems for Making a DIY Closet

The sliding cabinet door system is one of our popular elements which we supply in black. Together with black door handles, for example, modern black door stoppers, simple black window stays, and matching black hinges, you will have created a beautiful interior in no time.

Order our handy sliding door systems to make your own cupboard or knee bulkhead. This way you can transform empty space into handy storage space. Business customers such as construction companies, contractors, Handyman companies, freelancers, and gardeners receive an extra discount with a business account. In addition, such companies benefit from the option of urgent deliveries and maintain contact with a permanent contact person within Wovar. Also view our category table legs and furniture legs, handy cable management, and other furniture fittings.