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How do I install a Cane Bolt on my door?

How do I mount a ground bolt to my door or gate is a frequently asked question that we encounter every day. A ground bolt ensures that your garden door or gate is properly locked. With a gate, for example, it is quite easy to break a lock or slip bolt if you push through the gate. This is not possible by using ground bolts because the gates are anchored. 

But how do you mount these bolts on your gate or door? We answer that in this blog! 

How to Install a Cane Bolt on my Door or Gate? 

A cane bolt ensures a solid anchoring of your door or gate. The so called, candy cane curved bar comes with 2 consoles. You need to screw the consoles onto the gate or door, which you can do by using chipboard screws 4 x 40 mm. Remember to always pre-drill with hardwood. Then you pull the cane bolt through the holes of the consoles and you can anchor the gate or door in the ground. 

Where do I Mount the Cane Bolt? 

You place a cane bolt on the floating side of the door or gate. So not near the post or door frame to which the gate or door hangs. Often the center of the outer plank is used as a place to screw in the brackets of the cane bolt. It is impossible to indicate a fixed height when placing the consoles. This is because not every gate and door is at the same height. 

It is important for the firmness of the anchorage that the cane bolt protrudes approximately 3 cm deep into the ground. The bottom console must be screwed in 8 cm above the bottom of the door or gate. When placing the top console, make sure that there is approximately 3 cm space between the handle and the top console. This provides extra strength! 

Popular Cane Bolts 

The most sold cane bolts are those with a length of 40 cm. Black cane bolts are often used in combination with larch wood. Cane bolts made of galvanized steel are widely used for garden doors. We are also seeing a trend emerging in monkey tail latches for locking the top of the door or gate. 

In addition to galvanized cane bolts and black cane bolts, you can also choose from thermally galvanized cane bolts. Hot-dip galvanized steel is more rust resistant and therefore has a longer life. It has a coarser structure than galvanized cane bolts. Most people find galvanized cane bolts more attractive than hot dip galvanized bolts.