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Strap Hinge Galvanized 50 cm - with Slight Bend

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Why choose for Strap Hinge Galvanized 50 cm - with Slight Bend?

  • Very strong thanks to galvanized steel
  • Protected against flash rust

Product attributes

Article number
Blue passivated
4 screw holes
For 16mm hinge hooks
Galvanized steel
Price unit
Per piece
0.5 cm
50 cm
Commonly used for
For doors with a maximum width of 70 cm

Strap Hinge Galvanized 50 cm - with Slight Bend

This strap hinge with slight bend 50 cm is made of very strong galvanized steel. The hinges with slight bend have a blue passivated layer. This makes the hinges look beautiful. This strap hinge with slight bend makes it easy to install fence doors or gate fences. The slight bend causes the door or gate gate to fall slightly inward. This is useful, for example, if you want to attach the fence door to a thicker post. The strap hinges with slight bend 50 cm have 4 mounting holes. The holes have a diameter of 8mm. This makes our carriage bolts galvanized M8 suitable for mounting the Wovar strap hinges. You determine the length of the carriage bolts on the basis of the door thickness. These strap hinges have a 16 mm eye. Therefore, mount these hinges with slight bend in combination with our galvanized 16 mm sheet thumb.

With which bolts do I mount these strap hinges?

You can mount the strap hinges from Wovar with lag screws or carriage bolts. With a door thickness of 35 mm including strap hinge, our M8x30 mm lag screws are sufficient. For thicker doors, it is recommended to attach the strap hinges with our galvanized carriage bolts. Is the door thickness approximately 40 mm? Then use our galvanized carriage bolts M8x50 mm. For a door thickness of 50 mm, choose our galvanized carriage bolts M8x60 mm.

How do I attach strap hinges to my door?

Mount the hinges on the same side as the door hinging direction. Will the door open to the outside? Mount the hinges on the outside of the door. If the door opens inwards, mount the handles on the inside of the door. Place the strap hinge in the correct place on the door and mark the screw holes with a pencil. Are you using carriage bolts? Then it is necessary to pre-drill with our 9mm thick hardwood drill. After drilling, slide the carriage bolts through the hole. The semicircular head of the carriage bolts is on the inside of the door. By tapping the head of the carriage bolts with a rubber hammer, the square portion of the carriage bolts under the semicircular head is clamped into the wood. This prevents the carriage bolt from turning when tightening the nut.

If you mount the strap hinges with lag screws, you pre-drill a hole with our hardwood drill 6mm. You will notice that screwing in the lag screw is a lot easier. You mount lag screws in a different way than the carriage bolts, namely the other way around. You screw the lag screw on the same side as the strap hinge. Make sure that each strap hinge mounting hole has a lag screw or carriage bolt.

How many hinges do I need for my garden door?

For doors or gates in your garden that are lower than 120 cm, Wovar recommends using 2 hinges with slabs. The weight of the door also plays an important role with higher doors. For a door heavier than 90 kg it is recommended to use 3 hinges. 2 hinges are sufficient when dealing wiith weights under 90 kg.

Buy hinges with slight bend 50 cm galvanized

Order the modern hinges with slight bend made of blue passivated steel at Wovar. Order at least 10 items and take advantage of our volume discount. Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from additional benefits such as discounts with a business account.

Do you prefer straight hinges or bent hinges? View our entire range of hinges and hooks.

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Frequently asked questions

Hoe groot is het verzet van hengen met een verzet?

Het verzet van hengen met verzet is 19 mm. Deze zorgt ervoor dat uw deur gelijk komt met de achterkant van een standaard plaatduim 16 mm. Om u een duidelijk beeld te geven legt u bijvoorbeeld een plaatduim op een vlakke tafel. Als u daar een heng met verzet overheen schuift ligt zowel de plaatduim als de heng volledig plat op de tafel.

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