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Hanger Bolts

Are you looking for hanger bolts? Wovar delivers zinc-plated and stainless steel bolts quickly to your home. A hanger bolt, or dowel screw, is a steel rod with a wood screw thread on one side and metric thread on the other. Wovar hanger bolts are made of zinc-plated steel and are available in thickness sizes M6, M8, and M10. The lengths vary from 40 to 200 mm. You can screw a hanger bolt into the wood using a Torx bit. Then you can screw a nut on the metric thread.

For example, we supply zinc-plated hanger bolts with a center hex drive and without a hex drive. A center hexagonal drive between the two threads allows you to tighten hanger bolts more securely with a wrench. 

Wovar has a wide range of fasteners supplied from our own inventory. As a result, you will receive hanger bolts at home in no time. Delivery is in most cases at your home within one week of ordering.

In addition to hanger bolts, Wovar also supplies carriage bolts, coach screws, and garden screws at lightning speed from our own inventory.

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Wovar supplies stainless steel bolts and zinc-plated steel hanger bolts. The difference here is that stainless steel hanger bolts do not oxidize. This can occur with zinc-plated hanger bolts. Stainless steel bolts are often used in damp areas because of this. For heavier constructions and indoor jobs, zinc-plated hanger bolts are almost always used. This is because they are stronger than stainless steel studs. Stainless steel is softer than zinc-plated steel. You can screw your hanger bolts into the wood using a cordless drill. You need a Torx bit for this. You screw on an M6 hanger bolt with a TX15 bit. M8 and m10 studs are screwed in with a Torx 25 bit. Do you want to turn hanger bolts in hardwood? Then we recommend the hanger bolts, like always, after using our hardwood drill bits to pre-drill. You can determine the correct thickness of the hardwood drill bit by subtracting 2 mm from the thickness of the pole ends. So with an M8 hanger bolt, you would use a 6.0 mm thick hardwood drill bit. 

It is also possible to anchor the hanger bolts in a stone wall. There, you should combine the hanger bolt with one of our nylon plugs. This allows you to install railings quickly and easily, for example. For M6 hanger bolts, use a nylon plug that's 10 mm thick, for M8 thick studs, use a 12 mm plug. Our 14 mm thick plugs are suitable for anchoring M10 hanger bolts in stone. You can always drill a hole in the wall using our hammer drill or concrete drill bits that have the same diameter as the plug. So for a 10 mm thick plug, you should also use a 10 mm thick hammer drill. 

Wovar also distinguishes between the zinc-plated hanger bolts. Mainly, between the hanger bolts with a center hex drive and hanger bolts without a center hex drive. A hexagonal drive sits between the wood screw thread and the metric thread. This allows you to tighten the hanger bolt more firmly with a spanner because you can simply just apply more force with a spanner. The hex drive is always 2 mm smaller than the indicated thickness of the rod end. For example, the hex drive of M8 hanger bolts must be tightened with a 6 mm open-end wrench, and an M10 hanger bolt with an 8 mm open-end wrench.

Ordering your Hanger Bolts

Order your zinc-plated or stainless steel hanger bolts from Wovar for the lowest price. Wovar hanger bolts are offered per box of 100 pieces or 10 pieces. This varies by size. Construction companies, Handyman companies, gardeners, and timber merchants benefit from extra benefits with a business account such as an extra discount.