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Garden Ideas - Inspiration for your Garden Layout 31 mei

Garden Ideas - Inspiration for your Garden Layout

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Whether you are planning to set up your own garden or are working in a customer's yard, it is never wrong to get some garden ideas as inspiration for the design that suits you or your customer. In this blog, we walk you through the garden that you can compose with the products of Wovar and the atmospheric impressions that result. In the Wovar range, we have something for everyone when it comes to garden design. Whether you enjoy rural or modern looks, you have come to the right place, at Wovar.

Garden Ideas

First, we want to share some pictures with you to get an idea of ​​how you could possibly organize your garden. The photos we have chosen for this blog all have something in common. Namely that in each example the garden is divided into compartments with the help of garden partitions, which makes it much easier to maintain the all-around look of the garden. With clean divisions, the maintenance that you are left with from a garden is a lot more manageable and simple, and that is exactly what you can do with the garden products from Wovar. Take, for example, our beautiful Corten Steel garden edging to give the plants their own place, or our rustic fire bowls to bring some warmth to the garden. 

Garden Decor

Furnishing can also be done with Wovar products. For example, you can create a beautiful pergola in the backyard with our pergola brackets. We've written an entire blog about how best to do that. Then use our rotatable slats or beautiful harmonica shades for the finish. Think in advance about what kind of spaces you want in the garden. A place under the sun, or a place in the shade. A beautiful flower box for your plants and trees, or perhaps a lawn with a beautiful gravel path through which the garden is nicely divided into different spaces. Draw a plan of your garden where the separation between spaces is clearly visible. 

Garden Inspiration

To inspire you, we will take you on a tour of Wovar's fantasy garden that we have decorated with the products in our range. We have chosen to create a garden in which each part has its own function. With the right garden fencing, we create a well-arranged garden that we can fully enjoy. At the same time, we ensure efficiency and simplicity so that the maintenance of what we have to take care of is minimal. A manageable garden with a sleek idea has a nice appearance and that ensures a lot of peace and coziness. For this, we only need the right garden fencing and edging.

Gravel Mats

The gravel path in Wovar's garden runs from the decking through the middle of the garden to the fence at the back and is the main way we divide the garden into unique spaces. With a gravel path, we automatically create both sides of the garden. You can lay a gravel path in the garden with our gravel mats so that the gravel stays neatly in place and cannot slide. This prevents the formation of spores and the growth of weeds and grass, for example. Additionally, we use landscape fabric as the basis for the gravel path so that minimal maintenance is required. 

Plastic Garden Edging

On either side of the gravel path is the lawn that is separated by our plastic garden edging. Our gravel path meanders gracefully through the garden, and our plastic borders are flexible enough to be placed in any position on the side of the gravel path. Wovar's plastic borders are UV-resistant, do not discolor over time, and will not rot because of the water resistance, so you also have little work to do. To place the border edge, we dig a trench of about 10 cm along the entire gravel path. Next, we use some ground pegs to secure the border edge.

Corten Steel Garden Edging

On the other side of our gravel path, we have a place for the plants and trees in our fantasy garden in a flowerbed. We separate this space with the help of our beautiful and rustic Corten steel garden edging. These edging are flexible enough to make curves so that we can shape the flowerbed the way we want. In addition, we create an extra dimension by making the border edges a bit higher next to the gravel path. This way, the dirt does not just spill over the gravel path and we do not have to bend far if we have to give the garden plants some attention. We also use plant supports so that the plants can be arranged better. With the garden edging, we accentuate the greenery in the garden, and we have given the plants their own space that is separate from the rest of the garden layout.

Shade Sails

Our decking, where we started, is equipped with a shade sail so that we have a lovely place in the shade. We have all kinds of deck supports in our line for making terrace decking. The canvases are easy to attach to a wooden or stone wall and can also be easily stored during bad weather or winter. A garden set with some garden chairs will be placed under the shade cloths. In the corner of the terrace, we place two corten steel planters, as outdoor planters, of different heights to add some dimension again that reinforce the distinction in the garden. 

Fire Bowl

Finally, we make room for a stone terrace for our corten steel fire bowl, as icing on the cake, accompanied by some garden chairs so that we can enjoy the garden with friends and family on a summer evening. The fire bowl has an elegant and modern design and will eventually turn a rustic brown due to the corten steel. This space can be divided in several ways, in our example, the fire bowl is in an open space, but it can of course also be placed under all kinds of roofs, such as a pergola that you can build using our brackets.

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