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Everything you need to know about Cutting Discs 27 jun

Everything you need to know about Cutting Discs

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In this blog, we give you all kinds of information and safety tips to successfully use Wovar's Cutting Discs on your projects. Cutting discs are dangerous. If used incorrectly, they can shatter and cause serious injuries. Mishandling of cut-off wheels is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries. That is why it is important to always take the correct safety measures to ensure that no accidents can happen. In this blog, we explain the correct use of cutting discs, so that you can get to work safely. We also consider safety measures, which wheel to choose for your tools, general tips to make your work safer, and how to use a grinding wheel.

Safety equipment

We'll start with the different types of gear best to use when planning to get started with cutting discs. Firstly, wear thick work shoes, preferably with a steel toecap. Do not use synthetic clothing. The sparks that come from the grinding wheel can reach a temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius. A synthetic piece of clothing can catch fire. Also, make sure that the layers under your clothing are flame retardant. Preferably wear a welding jacket specifically designed to be fire-resistant. A T-shirt offers too little coverage against the sparks. A welding jacket is made of thicker material and therefore more resistant to sparks.

Cover your head and wear hearing protection against the noise of the machine. Always wear work gloves, preferably made of leather, which are more resistant to sparks. As with almost any job in the workshop, use safety goggles to protect your eyes. When you use an angle grinder correctly, you always have two hands on the machine. So make sure that you secure your material well with clamps, for example, so that you do not have to hold it with one of your hands. In addition to safety glasses, always use a good quality face shield.

Tips for Using Cutting Discs

Our tip is to attach a small magnet to the top of your face shield, where the face shield falls over the helmet. The magnet ensures that metal dust and particles that end up in the air stick to the magnet. Then if you put your face shield up when you're done, in a light breeze you won't get metallic dust in your eyes, which could be on your mask or hanging in the air. You can easily remove the dust particles that get on the magnet afterward.

In addition to wearing the correct clothing and equipment, it is also important that you know the specification of your angle grinder. Check which type of sharpener you have. For example, what size disc fits on it. When handling and adjusting the sharpener, always leave it disconnected. Before use, check your machine for cracks and check the cable for kinks. Never pull the plug by the cable, but always grasp it by the plug itself when removing it from the socket. Wovar 's cut-off wheels are specially designed for specific applications. Never use our cutting discs for deburring, but only use them for cutting.

The size of the cutting disc will depend on the size of the angle grinder you will be using. Make sure that you do not connect a disc that does not meet the speed of your grinder. A 10,000-rpm wheel mounted on an angle grinder running at 11,000 rpm may explode if the wheel's limit is exceeded. Exploding the cutting disc can have devastating consequences. This can also happen if the disc is too large for the grinder. The wrong use of a grinder is one of the biggest causes of accidents in the workplace. Therefore, please make sure you take proper safety precautions before working with a cutting disc.

When to Replace the Grinding Wheel

Then there are the cases in which a cutting disc has to be replaced. If any of your drives have ever been wet for any reason, do not use them again. You can see if the discs have been wet due to oxidation. If you see any signs of oxidation, simply replace the drive. In addition, make sure that there are no nicks, dents, grooves, or scratches on the disc. For example, if a checker breaks off because it is placed incorrectly on the table or falls to the floor, the chance of the checker breaking apart is a lot higher. Grinding wheels also have an expiration date that is printed on the wheel itself. Of course, never use discs that are past their expiration date. In addition, be aware that a cutting disc can also be damaged in many other ways and thus become unusable. 

How do you Place a Grinding Wheel?

When mounting a wheel on a sharpener, make sure the nuts are properly secured to the bolt of the sharpener. Use a wrench to secure the top nut to the grinder bolt so that it is secure. Make sure your workspace is safe and tidy. Make sure the wheel speed matches or exceeds the maximum speed of the tool you are using. Do not put too much pressure on the wheels when cutting. If you apply too much pressure, you will burn your grinding wheel and angle grinder faster. Relax and let the tool do its job. The harder you push, the more you heat up the abrasive, and the more the cut-off wheel reliability is compromised. When using a cutting disc several times, pay attention to different wear patterns. Over time, if the drive becomes too small to use, is damaged, or has exceeded its life, replace it with a new drive.

So let the disc do the work and do not force it while cutting. Let's take the example of a piece of metal that you want to cut. Start on one side of the material by sanding in a line. Sand the line continuously, the cutting is automatic. Do not push the machine into the groove. Continue to move slowly back and forth in the groove, then rise up and continue with the same motion. Then go to the other side and perform the same movement to cut the piece. When the piece has been cut completely through, turn off the machine and put it away. Grinders have feet on which they must be placed. Wait for the machine to spin completely before putting it away and never place the sharpener on its side.

Metal Cutting Discs

Make sure that the metal to be sharpened is firmly clamped. For example, you can secure small parts in a vice. Never hold material with one hand and the machine with the other, always use two hands on the machine. The disc has instructions on which approach angle to use when cutting material. When working on stainless steel, use a respirator with a respirator for the vapors that are released. Use suitable filters to ensure that you do not inhale the vapors. This is also possible with the help of a mouth mask, but of course, it protects less well. Stainless steel contains hexavalent chromium which can be potentially dangerous, so you don't want to inhale that. 

It's a lot of information to take in at once, but these tips will help you get started safely. In summary, you need to use the right equipment, choose the right cutting disc to match the specification of your machine, let the machine do its job and not force it while grinding, and dispose of the disc if there are any defects we have identified and take the proper safety precautions. You can buy cutting discs and safety tools from Wovar. These can be found on the category pages. In addition, we also have an overview at the bottom of the page of the products that you could use for using our cutting discs.

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