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Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
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Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
The premium brand for screws and bolts
No less than 100 days right of return

Wovar Border Edging

Are you looking for corten steel border borders for your garden? Corten steel is durable due to the special treatment and has that beautiful luxurious rusty color. Wovar supplies corten steel edging, but also made of galvanized steel and in black. In addition to the differences in appearance, Wovar's border edges are also flexible. As a result, these edging bends very easily, allowing you to make beautiful curves. This is useful with a winding garden path, for example. Of course you can also make straight Corten steel borders in your garden with our strips.

Border edges from Wovar are multifunctional. For example, you can use them to contain gravel, split and flower beds. Border borders are also widely used for flower boxes. In recent years, we have also seen more and more meshes trapped between border edges. This means you never have to cut off lawn edges again and you maintain clean lines.

Corten steel border edging

The most popular border borders are our Corten steel border border 106 x 16 x 0.15 cm (LxHxD), so these are 16 cm high. Not only do these have a beautiful rust-shaped appearance, but they are also super affordable at Wovar! Placing our border borders is very easy. Below, we explain in detail how to do this.

We also deliver corten steel garden edging throughout Europe in 2-5 business days. Choose from the heights 16, 22 and 40 cm.

Wovar border edging are available in three different types. Namely black borders, corten steel borders and galvanized steel borders. You simply slide them together. Our borders are 106 cm long, 16 cm high and 1.5 mm thick. This makes our border edging flexible. This allows you to bend the edging in all kinds of shapes.

Placing steel border edging

You may be wondering, ''How do I install corten steel border edging''? Below, we have outlined in 5 simple steps how you can easily place our border edging in your garden.

  • Step 1: Determine where you will be using the borders and calculate the number of meters you will need. Tip: You can also make right angles, simply by using a stone or a piece of wood when bending (see also the instructions for use as a photo with each product).
  • Step 2: Dig a trench in the ground where you would like to place the Corten steel border. You can determine the depth yourself, but we recommend a depth of approximately 130 mm for a nice finish.
  • Step 3: Place the border edges in the slot and slide them together. Secure the border edges together by bending the tab.
  • Step 4: Hammer the pegs into the ground using a rubber mallet. Use a spirit level to level the border edges. With hardwood 6x6cm thick picket posts you can reinforce high border edges.
  • With a flex you can shorten the border edges if desired.
  • Step 5: Fill the trench with, for example, gravel or soil. This depends on what you are using the border edging for.

Did you know that a border edge is also called an edge closure? In addition to creating raised borders, people use these to build beautiful planters!

Order border edging

Order border edges made of Corten steel, galvanized steel or even in black for the lowest price at Wovar. Thanks to these handy inserts, mounting Wovar border edges is super easy. Take advantage of our high volume discount with an order of 20 pieces! Construction companies, gardeners and handymen receive extra benefits such as a discount with a business account.