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Anti Theft Screws

Anti-theft screws are a special and extra safe type of screw. The advantage of these 1-turn screws from Wovar is that they can only be tightened. This is done using a flat screwdriver. The screw thread is made in such a way that it only works with clockwise rotations. When you want to turn the other way (left). By using these special screws, you make it a lot more difficult for burglars. Normal screws can be unscrewed quickly. However, these special right-hand screws are almost impossible to remove. When you apply these one-turn screws, you have to realize that it will not just loosen again.


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Wovar supplies these extra safe self-tapping anti-burglary screws. The 1-turn screws come in sets of 10 pieces. These screws are intended for screwing planks that cannot be removed from the outside. These anti-theft screws are a good alternative to the standard nails that are often used in frame construction. With these Wovar screws, your frame is as tight as a house!

Ordering your Anti-Theft Screws online

Order the Wovar one-turn screws quickly and easily online. Ordered today, shipped out tomorrow. The screws come in sets of 20 pieces, with a nice volume discount when you purchase multiple sets. Furthermore, our business customers, like a landscaping or Handyman company, enjoy many extra benefits with a business account