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Allen Screws

Are you looking for Allen bolts? Wovar has an extensive range of Allen screws made of zinc-plated steel. Allen screws are often also referred to as hexagon socket screws. Hexagon socket head bolts are bolts with metric threads fitted with an Allen drive. The Allen head of the bolt consists, as it were, of a hole with six sides.

Zinc-Plated Allen Screws

The Allen screws at Wovar are provided with a thin layer of zinc. This protects the metal against corrosion. This happens in three different ways. 

  • The surface of zinc reacts with oxygen in the air or water. This creates an oxide layer, which after a while completely blocks the zinc from oxygen. This is called the so-called platinum layer. As a result, oxygen molecules can no longer reach the underlying iron and therefore do not cause rust or oxide formation
  • Zinc oxides are formed during the reaction with oxygen, which expands so that the protective layer remains well sealed by the cathodic action of the zinc.
  • The cathodic action basically means that the zinc sacrifices itself for the iron. That only works in wet conditions. As a result, drill holes for bolts and screws remain protected against rust.

Protect the Zinc

Due to the different effects of zinc, these Allen screws last a lot longer! Additionally, zinc-plated steel is very strong. The only drawback is that the zinc layer can be damaged by damage, which reduces the protective effect. 

Wovar's Allen screws are available with a cylinder head, flat head, and button head. The thickness sizes range from M3 to M20. The lengths vary from 3.0 mm to 160 mm. Allen bolts must be mounted with so-called Allen keys.

Ordering your Allen Screws

Order Wovar Allen bolts for the lowest price! Wovar has a wide and deep range of Allen screws in stock for fast next-day shipping. Also on Saturday and Monday. Construction companies, Handyman companies, and landscape gardeners benefit from additional benefits with a business account such as an extra discount.

Are Allen screws not quite what you are looking for? Also take a look at our carriage bolts or coach screws. In addition, we also supply A-quality chipboard screws and useful hand tools!